Kalabhairava Gutta (Mallesam Konda) – Experience the bliss of Nature

April 16, 2018
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Small hillocks near Chandragiri, Kalabhairava Gutta serve as a great trekking destination with a promise of a heavenly retreat into nature’s abode. It is blessed with a pleasant climate throughout, its picturesque location featuring the beautiful mountains and the brilliant sunrise. There are set of ruined temples resting here on the top of these hillocks, it’s like these temples are meditating all alone, far away from mankind.To reach here no proper route is available, we need to create one. If one is adventurous enough to climb this rough way, he will never be disappointed.Once we reach top of the hill, we will be blown away by the tranquillity and contentment, this place serves. In short if properly developed, it has great potential to pull crowds here with its unparalleled beauty, it can be called as Nandi Hills of Tirupati


The Main Temple Shrine of “Kalabhairava” Pic Credits : Sasi Sasidhar


Coming to its historical background, Temples on the hill has 1000 year old grand story, these temples can be contemporary to Tatikona temple ruins. One main temple and 2 sub shrines, main temple is dedicated for lord Shiva and sub shrines are dedicated for Karthikeya and Goddess Parvathi (sub shrines are completely ruined).By this temple architecture we can infer these temples were built during Chola period. There is beautiful Kalyanamandapa built later by Vijayanagara rulers, another unique feature of this temple is sun rays directly fall on deity in the garba griha. And we can find broken but still wonderful Karthikeya and Ganesh sculptures of early Chola period. Present condition of these temples is terrible, when 2 sub shrines completely ruined, main temple is in its verge of complete collapse. We can find the sculptures of paadalu and devotees doing shashtanga namaskara in the entry of the temples. One can observe the remains of beautiful Kalyanamandapa and intricate carvings on the pillars. One can find SriKalahati temple gopuram from the hill top, if viewed through binoculars, and one can see the beautiful Chandragiri Fort from the hill. If u are Nature lover or a heritage enthusiast or an adventure seeker, this places serves all the purposes.

Pic Credits : Sasi Sasidar

 A special thanks to MAC and its organizers for painstaking efforts, for organizing wonderful treks to these unknown gems

– Spandana Harish


Ruins of the Temple

Giant Balancing rock

Foot Prints – Unexplored Sasi sasidhar

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