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July 9, 2018

Sri Rama without Hanuman

Have you seen a Ram temple without Hanuman? Yes, there is a temple near Hyderabad, one of the rarest temples in the country.

This temple is located at Gummadidala village around 42 kms from Hyderabad in Medakdist that belongs to 11th century. As per our knowledge there won’t be Sri Rama temple without Hanuman idol, but it’s not the case here.

Cinimonk Exclusive:

Recently, Cinimonk team has gone to this rare temple and had an exclusive interview with the temple’s High Priest KandadaiVijaya Raman.

The priest says, “Usually Lord Vishnu in vaikuntam, sits by folding the left leg and putting the right leg on the ground. So, here Lord Rama will also be in the same postureby havingSita on the left and Lord Lakshmana on right with wife Urmila. Behind Lakshmana, Lord Bharatha will be therealong with Mandavi (Bharatha’s wife). On the right of Bharata Lord Shatrughna will be there along with Shrutakeerthi (Shatrughna’s wife). One more important aspect of this temple is everyone is having ‘Makarathoranam’ except Shrutakeerthi.”

Raman also says “Sri Rama sports a moustachehere and the reason behind it is Sri Rama is the King and the moustache shows off his wisdom.As per the residents, this temple is dedicated to Lord Sri Rama’s marriage so here the god is addressed as Sri KalyanaRamachandraSwamy. The main reason behind not having Hanuman idol in this temple is Hanuman is treated as ‘Sivagna’ and usuallyVaishnvas won’t worship Siva. This temple was built byVeeraVaishnavas and moreover, Hanuman was not present at the time of Rama’s marriage.

Temple Highlights:

  • No Hanuman idol
  • Rama with moustache
  • Brothers with no Dhanurbhanams
  • Complete family along with their wives
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