India’s Only Natural Arch Bridge – Tirupati SILA THORANAM

August 10, 2018
Sila Thoranam is is one of the oldest and rarest geological formations in the world―a natural stone arch―that rests at 1 km distance to the temple. Sila Thoranam literally means ‘garland of rocks’. In the 1980s, during excavations for a geological fault in the Tirumala hills, geologists found this rare geological formation of the rock arch which has two dissimilar sets of rocks with a connecting thin link.There are only 2 other sites in the world we can find such formations such as the Rainbow Arch in Utah, U.S., and the Dalradian Quartzite in England. The age of the rock itself has been estimated to be about 2500 million years, and the age of the arch is computed to be about 1500 million years!
Devotees treat Sila Thoranam as holy place,
the arch resembles the hood of a serpent, a conch ( Shanku) and a discus ( chakra) and considered to be the source of the Idol of Lord Venkateswara or Lord Balaji at the Tirumala hill temple.
GSI protects and maintains this monument, and it’s easily accessible from tirumala Temple.In your next visit pls do visit this nature’s blessing.
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