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July 16, 2018

One has to Complete his graduation to become a Doctor, Engineer or a Lecturer But What you
need Exactly to get into a Movie field? Is the Graduation Necessary is he need to Study Films
how theoretical Knowledge, as well as practical knowledge, helps in shaping a Filmmaker.
From Sekhar Kammula to Vanga Prathap Reddy, everybody was trained in Film schools. Film
School is the place where people can Acquire all the skills related to films right from
cinematography to Film Direction.
Cinimonk here presents you the most awaiting Screenplay writing classes by the legendary
writer Sainath Thotapally.
Class 1:
What is the difference between Story and Screenplay?
The writer says,” Story is nothing but a Concept whereas Screenplay is the perfect visual
picturization of the story.”
The writer says,” Screenplay writing training is the must-to-opt thing if anyone looking a career
ahead in Film industry in order to bag the success.” He also gave the examples of latest movies
and most popular directors in the Tollywood in this class.
Get the useful Tips and Tricks of Screenplay writing from Sainath Thotapalli for absolutely FREE.
Stay in touch with Cinimonk to know more updates on Screenplay Writing.

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