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September 17, 2018

CContent Registration
Copyright is a form of protecting intellectual properties like patent and trademarks.
It is a legal right given to the creators of literary, musical, dramatic and artistic
works by the law. Even the producers of cinematograph films and sound
recordings can acquire this legal right for their creative content works.
Every year, some millions of new entertainment chattels from many distribution
channels and sources are being added to the huge amount of content available in
the market.

So, copyright has become a major issue these days, with the emerging
growth of digital media and other alternative distribution channels. Having a track of
all of these content products, particularly videos, has increasingly become a
complex task for several businesses in the entertainment industry.
Telugu Television Writers Association has been initiated to address all the
critical needs for getting content registration for Following type of video
including TV serials, YouTube videos or online content except for cinemas, making it
simple for businesses to search, trial rights and report.
Content registration of assets will help to simplify the post-production process and
productively lead to a greater distribution of writings. Other resources in the
entertainment industry can benefit a streamlined communication process amid their
distributors and suppliers.

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