ZairaWasim The Other Side Story

December 11, 2017

         ZairaWasim The Other Side Story


ZairaWasim,The actress in the recent hit movie Dangal actress revealed her distressing experience in a series of Instagram videos – one shot during the flight, during which the man’s foot can be seen next to her, and the other at the Mumbai airport in which the teary-eyed teen actress asks,

“It continued for another five to ten minutes and then I was sure of it. He kept nudging my shoulder and continued to move his foot up and down my back and neck,”

“Who is going to help us girls? If we don’t help ourselves, nobody will come ahead.”

#ZairaWasim #cinimonk

#ZairaWasim #cinimonk

She became overnight internet sensation top trending in Twitter with hashtag #ZairaWasimMolestation

The entire media rallied behind her




Within hours the identity of the man was found, his name published and address has shown publicly without knowing what actually happened. And then there are people who are trying to understand the situation from both point of view.




Lets see if you are in the situation and what would you do ?

Don’t you turn around and take a look?
Don’t you tell the airline staff?
She did not even inform her mother about her situation?

Instead she drawn conclusion since a foot was peeping out from the sides of her armrest and because it was moving around for 5 to 10 minutes that the man was a molester.

She didn’t even wait to file a formal complaint with the airlines or didn’t respond when the airline asked you whether they should detain the accused.

She went home and cried herself out on Facebook and mixed imagination with fact and painted a really grotesque picture.

After man took into custody by police he stated that he was coming from attending his uncle’s funeral and was very tired and had requested the airline staff for a blanket and also told them not to disturb him for anything, not even food because he wanted to sleep. He also said that when his outstrecthed legs touched Ms. Wasim’s shoulder and when he realised it, he even apologised to her on the spot.


The airline in its internal investigation confirmed most of the accused’s claims and attested to the fact that he was indeed sleeping throughout the flight.

But dispite that she decided to post in on her social media story.

Is it an easy sight to see someone’s foot beside your face? No. But is it sexual harassment? Is it molestation? NO

First she need to turn around and tell him that he is disturbing her, if that did not solve the problem then she could have tell her situation to the staff or could go on and file a formal complaint to the airline. Instead she used it for publicity.


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