Technological singularity – 2045 Future of Human Civilization

December 21, 2017


singularity means something peculiar or has an odd trait for physics & mathematics it refers to a point at which a function takes an infinite value.

What we are going to talk today is “technological singularity” which refers to a moment or point in time when we would see that artificial intelligence & other technologies be so advanced that it may have adverse effects on humanity irreversible to an extent where it can take-over the entire human race

What are the Major Reasons For TECHNOLOGICAL SINGULARITY:

  1. Technology accelerates at an exponential rate because of which as we advance we are seeing technologies among ourselves such as computing, genomics, nano technology & robotics which can make Intelligence Explosion possible.
  2. Robots are doing human jobs, we have robots built and developed to make itself aware of surroundings and learn new tasks in minutes. we can also see robots playing a huge role in defense departments across the globe. Researchers are predicting that at this rate of technological development in the next 20 years Robots would be 1000 times more powerful than they are today.
  3. We have reached a stage where we have innovated technologies by which we can even edit genes.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

CRISPR a new tool that scientists have created which  is allowing them to actually edit genes. This is opening new avenues to render viruses inactive, regulating cell activity which intern create diseases resistant crops.

But this doesn’t stop here what would happen when we start editing the code of life creating designer babies predetermine eye color intelligence & physical traits altering genome of mosquitoes in Africa so that they no longer carry the malaria. All of this makes us believe that singularity would be real.  a date is not so distant future when machine intelligence out strips our own & goes to improve itself at an exponential rate.They call it  singularity mainly because it is point beyond which you cannot see.The question is will it be an end to human era and develop an  –  Life of in its own we say this because Technology feeds on it self and grows faster & faster in about 40 years from now ( say 2045+ ) the pace of change would be so quick that we will not be able to follow it unless we enhance our own intelligence by merging. once the advanced intelligence technology having said all of this technological systematically means a matter of speculation we don’t know whether it happened and if yes when ? another question is can such effects and advances in technologies be guided so that we don’t lose control over them how or traumas should have the words be which genes to annotated miss do not what socials is should be given to humans so the associate is to be given to robots and machines they need to know all of this avoid dangers to conclude we would like to say that the future of technology is all too human but technology can be used to grow  exponentially of its own the decisions we take all our own shouldn’t it

May be we should Re-think !!!



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