May 19, 2018

Ghantamandapam is located south to the avvachari kona in Tirumala hill .Ghanta mandapam is yet another standing evidence of past, and it never fails to amaze people with its curious stories.Ghanta mandapam is stone mandapa standind with four pillars, generally in local language called as ”naalugu kalla mandapam”.It is believed that a big Bell was hung here(which is lost now), and there are many tales about this Bell, it is strange and one of its kind.As this Ghantamandapam is located at the edge of Tirumala hill, the view one can perceive from here is pure nature’s delight, Chandragiri fort and swarnamukhi river also are visible from here.



Coming to historical background of this bell, We found many records which speak about the Bell hung in the extremity of the Tirumala hill.It is mentioned, that devoted Vijayanagara king “Ramadevaraya” never used to consume his food, until the prasadam was conferred to Venkataramana Swamy in Tirumala Temple.Once the Prasadam is conferred,the big bells in the temple were rung, then Bell in the ghanta mandapam rings.Once the bell is rung, king in chandragiri fort used to have his food .This scenario was mentioned in many contemporary historical texts.

It is also recorded that , this Bell was presented by Venkatagiri king Ragunadha Yachama Nayaka to Chandragiri king Ramadevaraya, somewhere around 1614 – 1630CE. There is another popular belief that , as soon as Bells in temple were rung, the bell in Ghantamandapam used to ring by itself due to the sound vibrations of temple bells,But cant say how feasible is that.Near by Ghantamandapam we can find a bing board covered with aluminium reflector sheet for radio waves, which was installed in 1975.How contrasting it is to even imagine, one is centuries old resident which represents our culture and devotion, and other is modern equipment which represents science technology and advancement, and together we(Indian people), who explores all scientific and modern technology but at heart we always hold our culture.

Om Namo Narayanaya

Author : Spandana Harish

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